Acting is the impulse underneath the words, which makes them urgently need be spoken aloud (or sung). The text is a map to the “buried treasure” of a character’s actions and behavior. As the late, great acting teacher Ed Kovens always said, “If acting were about the words, it would be called Wording!” Acting starts with relaxation and concentration and involves a progression: you have to understand the scene (analysis), find the meaning or message (interpretation) and then honestly express it (communication) from your character’s point of view. Acting truthfully requires that you access the part of yourself that corresponds to the character’s situation, so it is NOT “pretending” – but it’s not literal reality, either! Acting technique and scene study incorporate all of this, and much more.

I am an internationally acclaimed acting teacher, performance coach, and stage director. I teach acting for 3 different kinds of performers:


  • Coaching of Monologues and Scenes, the use of sense memory and substitution, conscious relaxation, and audition preparation for professional plays, movies, and television
  • Acting Truthfully: Private Acting Coaching in New York and abroad
  • Audition preparation for college entrance


  • Musical theater performers, who need to express the song’s meaning while maintaining good vocal technique

Opera Singers

  • “Dramma per Musica” is intended for opera singers who need to be more expressive in their arias or songs. I will help you to identify and interpret “the drama in the music” (aria or song) so you can sing from a clear point of view. Cadenzas will never feel the same again!