First and foremost, singing is an expression of the heart and soul — but it happens through the body, with breath, resonance and sound. In any genre, the focus will be how to sing in a healthy way, including an introduction to the “mix” or “belt” in musical theatre. We start with the fundamentals of the physiology of vocal artistry, incorporating energy, posture, breathing, support, vowel modification and ways to articulate and focus sound. While you sing the music you love, we will target different parts of the “singing body” (the soft palate, jaw, tongue, lungs, intercostals, abdominals) to identify, explore and optimize their use. To solve musical or rhythmic issues, we’ll bring Dalcroze techniques into play. Our goal is to develop a strong vocal technique you can rely upon. Technique is vital because it’s a stepping stone to expression, which is always the ultimate goal!

I am a singing voice specialist with cross-training in Vocology, and have taught voice on the faculties of performing arts schools in and around New York. I teach singing technique for:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Classical and Opera [diction skills in many languages]
  • Singers in vocal recovery after an illness. I receive frequent referrals from ENT's and speech pathologists.
  • High school students preparing for college and career
  • Performers returning after a hiatus, looking to re-establish their skills
  • Dancers transitioning to musical theater